Wednesday, November 25, 2009

changing your name

i was recently asked a question about the emotional aspect of changing your name, and i thought that was a great question, as most questions are concerned with the tangible technicalities of name change: documents, court appearances, filling out complicated forms, lawyers, obtaining funds for legal fees, etc.

changing your name is one of the first and biggest steps you take in your transition, whether you choose to legally pursue a name change or not. there is a complex process involved which includes not only picking a new name to be called for the rest of your life (which causes some great anxiety at times, i can attest!), but social aspects as well like getting your friends and family to actually call you the name you've chosen, which once again i can attest that this is no easy (nor quick) feat.

since i was not yet vlogging at the time i was actually picking my name (and coming to terms with leaving my old name and initials behind), i do not have any videos document that process as well as my nominal social transition.i documented the process wellin my livejournal at the time, because that is where all the transguys documented their transitions until youtube came alone.

that being said, here are still some videos related to name change nevertheless:

i hope you find some of them helpful.

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