Tuesday, January 26, 2010

snipncody: trans publicity concerns

snipncody (shaun) did an excellent video on being bombarded with questions about his trans status, having to reaffirm his identity, being a constant educator, and assumptions people make about trans people and his frustration with it.

here is shaun's original video:

here is my response:

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  1. Big part of the reason I'm not 100% out. There was a time when I was completely out and open about being trans, and for me it really wasn't worth it. People didn't see my inherent worth as a person. They either saw me as a sideshow freak, someone to respond to their endless questions, or they saw me as simply less capable because of my trans status.

    I am rather feminine/andro looking anyway, so that doesn't help anything. Most/all of my prior coworkers at least suspected that I was trans, but once I made it strictly "not a work topic" 99.999% of those issues weren't present. I understand why a lot of people are openly out at work and school, but for me the tradeoffs are/were substantial.