Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TransVisibility in Mainstream Media

Jesse, aka JessesYellowBackpack on the tube (rad username!), brings up the important question of transgender visibililty in the mainstream media.

Most importantly, or perhaps most pertinently, he brings up the question of FTM characters in the mainstream media, the problem of Max on The L Word, and F to M mainstream media visibility issues as a whole.

MTFs face a different side of this coin; while they might be more "visible" or represented in mainstream media in comparison to their FTM counterparts, television, film, and other media never fail to have their shortage of MTF prostitute-type characters, which obviously does not accurately reflect 98% of MTF womens' lifestyles. Transwomen also struggle for positive representation in mainstream media, though rather than having to struggle to even be seen and to then stake a place for themselves, they are having to try to reverse an unfortunate culturally-ingrained stereotype.

What do you you all think?

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  1. To call an MtF a "woman" is an insult to all of us REAL women who get a nice, red reminder, every single month between menarche and menopause, that we are NOT a "castrated male!" We are human beings who, unlike males, can actually CREATE life with our bodies, rather than just destroy it!!! The whole concept of "transition" was dreamed-up by wicked, straight MALES who wanted to disguise their secret vendetta to eradicate the "gay/lesbian" population by offering them the seemingly "merciful" option to transition at the expense of their health and longevity.

    Well, I happen to believe in a God who did NOT create a "gay gene," and that even if something like that WERE possible, it most certainly wouldn't affect a woman like myself who has NEVER had a shortage of Estrogen, hence my large breasts and the fact that I reached menarche before age 12. Therefore, it has to be SOCIETY that is the problem, not my physical body. There is nothing "male" about me, and when I read Genesis 1:27, it makes perfect sense!!! God either creates you male or female from CONCEPTION, and there isn't a damn thing you can do to change that, so THERE!!!

    "irisom" from the early days of YouTube (although my account is gone)

    P.S.: Happy 29th Birthday, CHRISTINA!!!