Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ignorant Questions & Comments about Being FTM.

Meet Joe, aka JoeLikesHisBro on the tube. He is 15 and from The Netherlands.

In this video Joe talks about the ignorant questions and comments all FTMs (and trans people in general) have to endure on sometimes a daily basis.

Some of the things I get asked most often are:

1. Do you have a penis or a vagina?
2. Have you had the surgery?
3. How does your family feel about your transition? Do they accept you?

All of the aforementioned questions are of a sensitive nature and not ones that are appropriate to bring up in most social settings, especially one in which two people have just met. I would never ask someone about their genitals or their family life the first time I met them. Or ever.

It is exasperating that when a non trans person meets a trans person they immediately start asking questions that are inappropriate and would not be asked in the first place had the person they had just become acquainted not had a transgender history.


  1. Hey Charles!

    It's an honor to see my video on your blog!
    Haha i was forgotten the penis/vagina-question, but it's asked me a lot when I were on primary school.. :p

    The lesbian-questions stay.. but i particulary never are offended anymore. I always think: i know what i want, i have a goal! and they don't, they are much more uncertain about themselves, so that's why theyre acting ignorant :)



  2. This little girl has some really weird parents, who are abusing her by allowing her to destroy her body as well as any chances she may have ever had of going to heaven. I knew there were some weird people in the Netherlands, but this freakishly fucked-up family really takes the fucking cake!!!

    "irisom," whose YouTube name you butchered in 2008