Saturday, July 2, 2011

Testosterone, Sex Drive, etc. [hormones, sex]

One of the most recent videos on my YouTube channel is about my sudden increase in sex drive with this past week's shot of testosterone, whereas just a couple months ago I couldn't even finish.

My libido has definitely decreased from jackrabbit to a steady drive over the course of five and a half years on testosterone (before T I had no interest in sex, no drive at all), but with this past shot, I felt like I was going through puberty all over again!

Guys, if you are on T and your sex drive isn't through the roof, don't worry - it is a common belief among doctors that males hit their sexual peak at 18, so you will just be "one of the guys" when it comes to diminished interest in sex, since most of us transition after the age of 18.

Anti-depressants are also commonly known to decrease libido (which is part of my problem), so if you are on an anti-d and having trouble getting aroused or orgasming, then you could possibly talk to your doctor about changing your dosage or other treatment options to decrease some of that frustration that T so aggressively causes!

Here are some foods to increase libido.

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  1. It's weird how this shot shifted from horgry to horny and it sounds like its overcome some of that anti-d side effect, unlike the last shot. I hope you are experiencing some physical as well as the mental effects. Yup! it was generally down-hill from around 18.