Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Silent Years [transition gives voice]

Recently, Forest (aka ClosetTransgender on the Tube) made a poignant video entitled "The Silent Years." Forest is transitioning without hormones and is having the experience of being somewhat of a ghost; his male identity is often invisible to those he encounters, which lead to feelings of invalidation.

I'm sure many who are early in transition or not using hormones at all can relate to this feeling at some time or another during their transition.

I can relate to where he is coming from and can only imagine how frustrating it is for him to have his male identity be constantly invalidated/challenged/gone unrecognized.

A main theme in my videos is the idea of "transition giving voice;" I feel this experience has empowered me and allowed me to find my voice in this world and speak from a place of great understanding (having embodied two genders in my lifetime).

Nothing is more frustrating than having this (male) identity I've crafted invalidated, so I empathize with Forest when his true self is "silenced" by others.

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