Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Make an STP

Recently I did a couple videos on how to make an STP. You can make the basic medicine spoon/tubing combo for less than $5 and use it by itself or insert it into a packer if you so desire.

All you need is a medicine spoon which can be purchased for less than $3 at a pharmacy or stores like Target or Wal-Mart and some tubing. The tubing can be purchased at a variety of places from medical supply stores to Lowe's, which is where I bought mine (found in the plumbing section). Both the 3/4' and the 3/8' fit the spoon, but I prefer to use the 3/8' size. It fits nicely into the med spoon and is not a struggle to fit over the spoon like the 3/4' is.

Inserting the tubing into the packer is the most difficult part of the process and you want to be sure to poke the screwdriver exactly through the center and not close to any of the "sides" of the packer so the tubing doesn't bust through two weeks into wearing it.

There is a big myth that you need to heat the screwdriver before inserting it into the packer, but I have found a non-heated screwdriver works better and avoids the chance of melting cockplastic burning my hands. Heated screwdrivers pierce the plastic extremely fast, allowing more of a chance to ruin the placement of the "urethra." Using a non-heated screwdriver allows you the time to ensure the "urethra" is properly placed.


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  3. Which diameter are your measurements for on the tubing size? Is it 3/8 ID (inside diameter) or OD (outside diameter)? This makes quite a difference.

  4. Do you wear this all day? I'm currently trying to modify mine so the medicine spoon is more comfortable.