Friday, November 15, 2013

Men's Public Restrooms & STPs

 Men's Bathrooms – Pee Shy

Whipping it Out in the Men's Room [Re: STP and its use]

(Standing to) Pee Preferences


Q+A: Men's Restrooms, Pee Shyness, an Observation, etc

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  1. Nobody wants to comment on this old YouTube shit, you stupid, ugly, balding, bearded, crater-faced, delusional DYKE with ugly teeth who thinks she's a "man!" Just think: if you'd spent your money on braces back in 2005, rather than that synthetic Testosterone that has you looking like a boiled egg with a beard, you wouldn't be a bad-looking lady, Christina! In fact, you might even be a 7 or 8 out of 10 with a little make-up.

    And we women couldn't care less what you have to say, over and over again, about the men's room being "better," just to try to convince yourself that you did right to "transition," because, like I said, we have a much cleaner method of peeing called sitting! And no, I will NOT waste another moment of my life watching your same old shit on YouTube about how the men's room is "sooooo much better," which you've probably rehearsed in front of a mirror thousands of times, because you're nothing but an old "has-been" on YouTube, as well as in the "trans community" in general. I'm just glad it is YOUR hairline that is forever damaged by all those years on "T" and not mine, rotflmao!!! Joke's on you, Baldie!!!

    irisom from years ago, who deleted her YouTube account in 2010