Tuesday, August 25, 2009

STP info.

*edited on sunday, january 31, 2010 at 5:00 PST.

i have received many messages about how to go about ordering STPs.

STPs are $45 made with the standard semi-soft tubing.

shipping is $7 anywhere in the US. i will ship to international guys, but shipping will be determined by specific location.

the total for a STP packer (medicine spoon and tubing included) is $52.

paypal payment is preferred through electricacidkoolaidtest@gmail.com, but other arrangements for payment can be made.

harness orders are not currently being taken at this time. i have my hands full with work and many projects (both which involve the trans community), and harnesses take far too long to make as i have no one helping me with orders at this time. i will post an instructional video soon on how to make your own harness so guys can start making their own.

also, you should note there is no set time for orders to be shipped. i do not make stps full time, just got into this because i helped a few people out then it grew far too fast and i wasn't able to keep up properly with all the orders. mango takes many months to deliver their products(i've been hearing reports of 6+ months to receive the package) if they deliver the package at all.

i have been sent various messages about guys who have personally ordered from mango in the last year and received nothing and have also read multiple accounts from men on the FTM-trans list that they are also having problems with their order. if you've had a problem with mango in the last year, leave a comment here.

packers come in TAN or PINK, and are 3.5'. special requests can be made for larger sizes.

feel free to e-mail me at charliewarhol@gmail.com for more information.

here are some pictures of the device:


personal note to everyone who has ordered an STP/tubing/harness:

that being said, if you have ordered from me and have not received it, first of all, my deepest apologies. i intend to fulfill every order that has been made, no matter when it was placed. second, please contact me at charlesasheryt@gmail.com with your paypal/order info so we can work something out. even though i have saved every STP order, i literally have thousands of e-mails in my inbox and sometimes things slip past me. i want to work things out with everyone who placed an order at anytime.

i understand if you are upset at not receiving your order and i truly apologize, but please do not go through unnecessary means to "send me a message" (ie hate channels, hate commenting in general, etc), rather just send me a message and we'll get things worked out! once again, the e-mail is charlesasheryt@gmail.com.

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