Tuesday, September 15, 2009

guys have their body issues, too. (male body issues)

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  1. Since the whole point of having a big penis is to REPRODUCE by getting the sperm from the man's testes into the woman's uterus, I see NO REASON IN THE WORLD why a female-bodied person would have any "dysphoria" regarding the size of her pretty-much- unnecessary clitoris, which is what you have and what it shall ALWAYS BE!!! Why do you think little boys have small penises all their lives, then grow more at puberty in that area than they ever did before? Duh!!! It's because, like you, THEY COULDN'T IMPREGNATE A FEMALE up until then!!!

    For this reason, I think phalloplasty is a GRUESOME and UNNECESSARY form of genital mutilation and should be abolished in this country if there is ever to be a stop to violence against women!!! Anyone who is fucked-up enough to destroy their sweet little arms (which is what I see as I type this, by the way, no matter how much this FuckedUp, penis-pleasing, misogynistic world wants me to hate myself, other women, and my own body) in exchange for a rolled-up piece of flesh dangling between their legs is too CRAZY to be allowed to make such an important decision.

    So your friend, Rebecca Fultz (Miss Tro23y), ought to be locked-up in a mental institution, not free to go where she can harm others, particularly unfeminine little girls, with her very presence!!! And I, for one, do NOT have "body issues" because I choose NOT to focus on myself to the point of obsessing over the vehicle God gave me to navigate this Earth for only a brief moment in eternity. See, it's really just narcissistic teens and college kids with nothing better to do than focus on themselves who have "body issues," because mature adults who serve the Lord have too many other things to think about (like their families and the Bible). So your video is lame, your hoodie looks stupid, and the best cure for "body issues" is a life where sex is between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN who are married and not flaunted every which way possible.

    "irisom" who does NOT have "body issues," nor the "trans disorder"