Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trans Thought of the Day: Parent/Dating Rant

Snipncody, aka Shaun did a short video venting about his mother always questioning the sexuality of the women he is interested in. I responded back to him also expressing my frustration with how my mother always inquires if the woman I am interested in/seeing know my trans status.

It makes you feel invisible sometimes; I just want to be human and not have to think about "transy" things for one day.

1 comment:

  1. Any woman who would KNOWINGLY date or stay with a female-born circus freak like you is a Bisexual/Lesbian no matter what!!! I don't care if she dated 100 real guys before and eventually goes on to marry one when she finally gets enough of your narcissistic bullshit, or if she wears the most hyper-feminine clothing and hairstyle in the world -- she is still a bisexual/lesbian in my book!!! (Yes, your little "Kristin" from 2008 was in a DYKE relationship!) And of course, the same goes for FAGS who willingly associate themselves with MtF's, no matter how much surgery their deep-voiced, oversized, non-menstruating, non-women have had.

    See, you can't change the truth, which is that homosexuality is something that happens when God gives MEN over to a reprobate mind, while lesbianism is merely a defense mechanism used by emotionally-damaged women to try to preclude any harm, or further harm, by men. The word is never mentioned in the KJV, from Genesis through Revelation, and is nowhere near as prevalent as male Sodomites. But in the case of your friend, Rebecca, who turns 29 today, she is merely a butt-ugly straight chick with a thing for gay guys. And no matter what she has done to her body, she will ALWAYS be Rebecca Fultz in the eyes of God.

    "irisom" from 5 years ago when you ladies were 24 and making YouTube videos more often