Monday, May 10, 2010

Post-Transition Voice: Swimming After Surgery & Locker Rooms.

Meet Chris, aka islandofmisfits on the tube. He's been on T for four years and had chest surgery last year, and in this video he recounts swimming in a public place for the first time since his chest surgery.

He also talks about his experience in the guy's locker room and how it wasn't as bad as he expected it to be.

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  1. The very idea of entering a MALE-ONLY, read: POTENTIAL RAPIST-ONLY restroom or locker room is a total NO-NO for me, and I wouldn't care if they were all the nicest Christian men on the face of the earth!!! The fact still remains that, 1.) they have a penis, 2.) I have a uterus, and 3.) those things combine to make babies!!! So no, I will NOT practice your idiotic, unsafe, irresponsible, wreckless behaviors of using men's facilities, because no matter how "little" they talk, or even look at "other men," I don't give a flying F and would feel 1,000 times safer in the ladies' room, which is the ONLY kind I've ever used in my entire 30 years of life except for a few times where there was only a single unisex toilet in the whole place.

    No one ever questions me as to why I'm there, and I don't feel the least bit "uncomfortable" about peeing/pooping/farting, no matter who walks in that door! The Bible says that the only thing you are to fear is the Lord, not some WOMAN (or CHILD, for Pete's sake) in a public restroom making fun of how you smell when she herself was probably doing it in a diaper not too many years ago. (No, that's never happened to me, but it seems that Amanda Russo, or ThatGabe, couldn't wait to use the men's rooms for that reason. It's like, what the F is that bitch eating?!?!? Rotten eggs or something?!?!?)

    So you need to STFU about "men's rooms," because that will NOT promote your disgusting, perverted lifestyle to me or any other sane, Christian woman with a brain in her head!!! I would much rather stop using public restrooms all-together than to try to pee through a TOY until my genitals can be mutilated to the point where it would no longer be needed. I consider those rubber penises an abomination and wouldn't take one if they were free! I like my anatomy, thank you very much, and I consider women/girls' need to sit for everything to be one of the main reasons why the boys take so much longer to potty-train. So I couldn't care less what you or any other mannish freak has to say about this subject and have therefore quit watching your disturbingly misogynistic videos.

    "irisom," who made a video, "Why SHOULD I use the men's room?" in 2009, stating my extreme disgust at the very thought of that!!!