Sunday, May 2, 2010

Transitioning in High School.

Here is a video from Shye, aka ShyeAustin on the tube.

He is a 17 year old transguy from Florida and is currently transitioning in high school. I know a lot of guys look back and wish they could have transitioned in high school, but transitioning at a young age presents a whole set of problems- as Shye says, it's hard sometimes having no one to talk to about his trans status at school, and often is the subject of harsh words from his classmates questioning his gender.

This does not go to say that transitioning young is a completely negative experience- it is not; in fact, it is amazing guys can transition so young now and be themselves and get the male socialization many of us feel we missed out on.

He has disabled embedding on his videos, but you can check out his intro video here and his week 40 shot video here.

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  1. I believe that any parent who would allow such an abomination to take place is a CHILD-ABUSER and would've been arrested 30 years ago!!! No one knows what kind of harmful effects may occur later on down the road as a result of such drugs, but the homophobic male doctors promoting it have a secret campaign to eradicate gays/lesbians by sterilizing them early in this manner. And since I value ever precious moment of my life on Earth, I refuse to do it -- not now, not EVER!!! Because of this, I have a full head of hair, a voice that can still hit the high notes, and a face that isn't textured by patches and patches of acne scars like yours.

    "irisom" from 2007-2010, who hasn't changed HER beliefs on this subject and probably never will