Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dysphoria and Sex

CodyOriole did an excellent video inquiring if sexual dyphoria improves after starting testosterone; the short answer is it does!

Here is my response.

Choosing a Name

Jakftm did a video on choosing a name, and I think this is a common problem many trans people face, so here is my response to him; his video no longer appears to be available.

Trans Artwork - Amazing Paintings by Cobi Moules

Check out these paintings by this awesome artist Cobi Moules.

My favorite image is located here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trans Thought of the Day: Parent/Dating Rant

Snipncody, aka Shaun did a short video venting about his mother always questioning the sexuality of the women he is interested in. I responded back to him also expressing my frustration with how my mother always inquires if the woman I am interested in/seeing know my trans status.

It makes you feel invisible sometimes; I just want to be human and not have to think about "transy" things for one day.

Monday, March 1, 2010

LGBT Social Stress - One Thing I Hate About Being Gay!

Here is a video from imawsome202. She doesn't identify as trans, but she does identify as lesbian and made this video ranting about some of the social stress that she (and her girlfriend) have to deal with that directly results from her sexuality; it is the same kind of social stress trans people have to deal with on many levels and I thought many people could relate to this video.

She's sick of people staring at her and her girlfriend when at parties and other social situations; I can relate, I've often been stared down at parties, dehumanized, invalidated, and left feeling like some kind of alien.

As someone who was been othered, I find living in an environment like San Francisco where heteronormativity is actively challenged and rejected everyday certainly has helped me to feel less isolated.