Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At This Point in My Transition [video, lower surgery]

I posted a video this afternoon about a penis/sexual/psychological problem I've been having lately - it's a little hard to talk about, so I will just let the video do the speaking.

I also have come to a point in my transition where I am seriously starting to consider lower surgery and am starting the whole process of researching/consultation/figuring out funding.

It also feels really great to be back on T; I had to give myself an injection a couple weeks ago because my girlfriend (who is a nurse) was already at work. I am not the biggest fan of needles (that's why I started on T cream), but I like to still self-inject every once in awhile just so I don't get rusty at it and am able to give myself injections if need be.

1 comment:

  1. I don't care what kind of surgery you have, Christina, because I will ALWAYS refer to you with FEMALE pronouns when telling others about your channel or what I learned from it. God will NEVER perceive you as a male, no matter what you have created to dangle between your legs, and when this life is over, you'll be burning in hell with your friend, Rebecca Fultz, back in the female form He created in 1984.

    It's like, you could have the penis of a dead, white guy with your exact skin tone cut-off and sewn to your pussy, yet I'd STILL maintain my belief that you are 100% female because you were born with the ability to menstruate and have babies. That is why I much prefer the term FtM as opposed to trans"man" -- it emphasizes the fact that you are Female First and Foremost, having NOTHING in common with a genuine, God-created man who can father a child.

    "irisom," who will NEVER consider something as gruesome as "lower surgery"