Thursday, January 12, 2012

Testosterone 101

I recently did a video answering basic questions about testosterone, such as how to get on it, who can prescribe it, where to get it, how much it costs, and if it is covered by insurance.

Here are links to the trans health clinics I mentioned in the video:

Lyon-Martin (San Francisco)
Tom Waddell (San Francisco)
Dimensions (Youth clinic, San Francisco)
Fenway Health (Boston)
Howard Brown (Chicago)
Outside In (Portland, OR)
Old Town Clinic (Portland, OR)

Here are links to the pharmacies I talked about in the video:

Strohecker's Pharmacy (Portland, OR)
Apothecure Compounding Pharmacy (Dallas, Texas)
Kronos Pharmacy (Las Vegas, NV)
Women's International Pharmacy (Wisconsin, Arizona)

This next video goes into more detail about various testosterone delivery methods:

This video goes into more detail about testosterone cream - where to get it and how to use it.

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  1. Testosterone isn't a "cure" for Lesbianism, you idiot, it's a DEATH SENTENCE IN DISGUISE!!! And I, for one, do NOT want to go around signing someone else's name (meaning anything besides Iris) just to get that drug plus all the "privileges" granted only to potential rapists, AKA men, that it would "unlock" for me. No matter how "fun" or "wonderful" they might be, I would still know the truth, and so would God. So what would be the point of disguising myself as someone I'm not, just for the rest of what remains of my life on Earth? And let's not forget that it would be MUCH SHORTER, by greater than the difference between men and women's life expectancies. Psalm 55:23 says that "the deceitful will not see half their days," so I'd rather be an honest female than a male impersonator.

    "irisom" from 5 years ago