Friday, March 2, 2012

Testosterone Voice Change Comparison

Earlier this week I showed a new friend my five year testosterone voice comparison, and she was absolutely blown away. I have to admit, it still even shocks me to hear the change sometimes. I forget my voice was ever that high and sounded like that. I estimate it has dropped roughly an octave or an octave and a half.

Here are some voice comparison videos from other guys.

To see how testosterone has affected my singing voice, check out this post.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, only a narcissistic BITCH with lots of time on her hands would make a video about such a minor aspect of her body that you can't even see in a picture!!! Not even celebrity boys document their voice changes so precisely in such videos or sound files -- they just gradually slide down lower into a different key, or play older characters in movies, if they even continue their acting career at all.

    And I can guarantee you that out of all my boy cousins/neighbors, who changed at various ages within their teen years of jr. high and/or high school, NOT A SINGLE ONE was as obsessed with it as you freaks! So that right there tells me that, unlike the visual mind of a male, you are simply GIRLS who wanted to BECOME George Straight or Alan Jackson or Garth Brooks, rather than have him sing to you as do most women. Remember: men love with their EYES, while women love with their EARS!

    "irisom," who has NOT destroyed her voice with Testosterone, as all of you trannies were probably hoping she'd do back in 2008-2009