Saturday, August 11, 2012

Transposes FTM Graphic Novel Due Later this Year

Dylan “NDR” Edwards is a FTM artist, writer, and cartoonist who lives in Austin, Texas. He is currently working on a graphic novel entitled Transposes about seven transgender men due later (October-ish) this year.
via Northwest Press:

"Transposes is a nonfiction graphic novel by Dylan Edwards exploring the fascinating lives of seven transgender men who also happen to be gay, bisexual, or otherwise non-straight. It’s an amazing window into the lives of these men, both the major events in their lives and the day-to-day ones, and paints a wonderfully human portrait." 

You can preview Transposes here.

For more on Transposes, see the Transposes Index and connect on Facebook for the latest news from Dylan.

Dylans' other work includes TrannyTunes, The Outfield (about queers in sports) and Politically InQueerect, a satirical look at a gay Republican couple and their friends.


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  2. I just don't get it -- WHY in the WORLD would a woman CHOOSE to "become" a Sodomite (gay "male"), or to have the world read her as such, when in reality, she's a STRAIGHT FEMALE?!? There is no female equivalent to Leviticus 20:13, which I shall always remember because of how many times I heard it at this year (2013, get it?).

    It says that, "If a MAN lie with MANkind," that both shall be put to death, having committed abomination, yet there is NO SUCH THING as a verse stating that, "If a WOMAN lie with WOMANkind," you know why? Because that's IMPOSSIBLE!!! (There are also no stories specifically naming Lesbians, a word which NEVER ONCE appears in the KJV.)

    So I see myself as being in a win-win situation: if I'm straight, I am EXACTLY what the Bible says I should be, and if I'm attracted to women, especially if I never ACT upon those desires (which I haven't), there's still no command for me to be put to death.

    No wonder the Patriarchal medical world wants us to jump on the bandwagon of the "queer male" community -- they can't STAND the fact that, because we aren't promiscuous or sex-craving people, thanks to our FEMALE lack of Testosterone, we are actually LESS susceptible to STD's and AIDS!!!

    In fact, Lesbians are the LEAST LIKELY GROUP to even succumb to the Common Cold, let alone anything more serious, thanks to 1.) our lack of contact with men and children, 2.) our superior female immune system designed to nourish babies in the womb and through breast-feeding, and 3.) our clean-conscious nature that just comes from having a brain that wasn't poisoned with Testosterone at various levels throughout our lives!!!

    No WONDER the Patriarchy would like nothing better than to see us shooting that very hormone into our beautiful bodies, knowing how NASTY it is even for a person whose body was designed to make it!!! But the stupidest part of all is how so few of you IDIOTS can see past your need for "male privilege" at the expense of whatever has to happen to your body, your health, or your chances of longevity.

    "irisom" whom you accused of being "trans herself" in 2008

    1. Why would someone who quotes from the bible go around judging people like its there god givin' right when doesn't your god tell you not to judge? Isn't your god the one who should be doing the judging?