Monday, August 6, 2012

FTM Dating Sites

As the moderator of the FL Transguys Yahoo group, I get a lot of requests from gay or bi non trans males who want to join the list because they are interested in dating someone on the transmasculine spectrum.

While I am all for people being into dating transguys, the list is exclusively for medical, legal, familial, and other sensitive issues that arise surrounding transition, and therefore, is for transguys only. I did a simple google search for FTM dating sites to send the guys who had applied to the group the check out, and I thought I'd share that list here in case it may be of any use to someone.

More dating sites:
Trans Passions
Butch Femme Matchmaker
Yahoo Group: FTM Personals (by membership only)
Hudson's Guide FTM Dating Resources

If you want to skip the dating and go straight to the sex, a new FTM porn site was recently launched called FTM Fucker. Definitely NSFW, so don't say I didn't warn you!

Note: I am not a member of nor do I personally endorse any of the aforementioned sites.


  1. There's also for FTM and Queer Dating. It's free and isn't a hook-up site, and doesn't fetishize us FTM's.

  2. Why the fuck would anyone in their RIGHT MIND want to date a hormone-created FREAK like you when there are roughly 3.5 billion REAL males with God-given penises (in addition to roughly 3.5 billion females who haven't destroyed themselves in this manner) from which to choose?!?!?!? Only a SICKO would fetishize you people enough to enjoy being with you for many years of their precious, short life on Earth, which is why you people's relationships do NOT last and NEVER WILL!!!

    "irisom" from 2007-2010

    1. FtMs are not the reason why you haven't found what you are looking for and why you are instead trying to find a target for your obviously angry and unhappy state of mind. Only those who are happy can let others live.

    2. Iris, you sound like an angry fool. What happened? Did someone hurt your little feelings? First off, everything about me as a trans guy is WONDERFUL...I have a great relationship and am happier now than I ever have been...thanks to GOD...yes GOD for making this transition possible for me,afterall,he created everything!
      Oh and by the way, we ALL are created with hormones... Duh! So I guess that makes you a freak too. Lol. Anyway, I am four years late with my reply but hopefully you've gotten some sense. If not, you need to try and figure out why the hell you were up at almost midnight looking at FTM informational sites... Hmmmm...apparently there is something deep down inside that you haven't dealt with. You aren't fooling God or us for that matter.

  3. NEW!!! FtM Transman Personals (UK)

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