Saturday, June 12, 2010

Being Gay in Indian Society [& penis size]

According to the BBC, condoms are "too big" for Indian men.

See, transmen aren't the only one with smaller penises! Western culture bombards us with the idea that "bigger is better" with everything, including penis size, and we forget many of our non trans brothers in other parts of the world have smaller penises and put emphasis on things like academic and artistic achievement rather than athletic performance, machismo, and penis size.

And as many women and gay men will tell you, "it's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that counts."

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  1. Indian men, as well as men of all races, are 100% male and have NOTHING in common with freaks like you!!! Most of them would be infuriated to know that you're comparing your ugly, ungodly, depraved, hell-destined self to them, you self-loathing, LESBIAN BITCH!!! It isn't the SIZE of the organ, but rather the PURPOSE for which it was created that determines sex, and you will never father a child because God didn't create you for the male role (Genesis 1:27). So don't insult smaller-penised men by comparing yourself to them, because God made them MALE and you FEMALE, no matter what you do to your body!

    Former YouTuber whom you, in your stupidly misogynistic, narrow, binary-gendered mind, called "trans," when clearly I'm more of a WOMAN than any MtF man could ever DREAM of being!!!