Monday, April 26, 2010

Being Intersex, Public Restrooms, and Keeping an Open Mind.

Here is a video from openheartzoo that really struck a chord with me. In this video Bo speaks about the difficulties trans and intersex people face with everyday situations (most) cisgender take for granted- specifically in this case, using public restrooms.

Also, Bo makes a good point in the video that just because "you have a friend" that is a certain way or lives a particular lifestyle, that it does not make you an expert in that subject.

We all need to keep our minds open.

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  1. Intersexed people are extremely rare and usually biological males (as defined by having a Y-chromosome with any number of X's) whose penises didn't meet the minimum size requirement (nearly microscopic at 2 cm) at birth, or were too deformed to function as such. Many have been reassigned "female" at an early age, but none are able to menstruate or have a baby like a normal woman.

    I, on the other hand, have been dealing with "that time of the month," which is about to start again right now (look-out, BITCH), since I was 11 years old, my breasts developing from age 9. Therefore, no matter what you bitches have said about me in the past, I am NOWHERE CLOSE to being "intersexed," by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm almost positive that the same is true for 99.999% of the FtM community. You people are just female-bodied misogynists with a deep-seeded hatred for yourselves and femininity, therefore you will NEVER truly "love" a woman!!!

    As a result, I would rather have the stinkiest, dirtiest, most rotten-toothed XY (or even XXY) male with a God-given penis, if I were into guys, in the world than to be caught dead with the likes of you!!! How DARE you insult biological males with chromosomal anomalies and/or disorders of genital development by calling yourself one of them! God made you FEMALE (Genesis 1:27), as evident from your ability to menstruate before starting Testosterone POISONING, and you and I both know it!

    That is why you feel the need to associate yourself with people who truly have a medical condition affecting their privates, justifying what you've done in your own head, when the truth is, women don't NEED counterfeits with all the genuine, God-created penises waiting to fuck them to pieces should they even so much as wear the wrong thing or make a gesture that is the least bit "sensual."

    So why would you want to be, or even appear to be, a part of that problem? You are not a "feminist," you're a CONFORMIST to the belief that MEN and ONLY MEN are entitled to certain things in life, and that you must change your female body in order to get them. Well, to HELL with that!

    Former YouTuber known as "irisom" in 2007-2010