Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Got a Formspring! [ask me anything]

I registered an account over at Formspring.com, so feel free to head over there and ask me some questions!


Also, it's true. My hair is gone.


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  2. I am SO GLAD you're completely bald well over a year before turning 30!!! Don't think I don't know that because tomorrow is your 29th birthday (Happy Birthday, BITCH!!!), you are therefore 366 days shy of 30 and as bald as can be!!! Nanna nanna boo boo!!! I, on the other hand, am over a month past 30 (hint: I'm a Gemini), yet my hairline is as FULL and HEALTHY as it was 5 years ago when you made that accusatory video stating that I was "trans myself." Well, the joke's on YOU, Baldie, because your face is as cratered as the moon and your head looks like a boiled egg, none of which could be reversed if you quit Testosterone and lived to be 100 (which you won't). I, on the other hand, could easily live another 70 years, and if I wanted to, I could grow long, thick, wavy, brown hair like a model. So let me ask you this: was it WORTH IT to destroy your looks, just so you could call yourself a 5'4", dickless "man" who will never father a child?

    Former YouTuber whom you called "trans" in 2008 when clearly I'm not