Friday, April 9, 2010

The Penis Video [i'll answer your questions]

Thanks for stopping by my blog! As I promised in my last YouTube video log, I will answer any & all penis questions you might have.

Leave a comment here or send an e-mail to if you do not feel comfortable asking your question publicly.


  1. Have you ever pumped before sex and how did your partners react?

    What is the best position for transcock/vagina sex?

    Do you find it easier or harder to climax after pumping?

  2. How has testosterone changed your orgasms and masturbation style?

    How did testosterone effect your penis girth/length/head size?

  3. ---How did testosterone effect your penis girth/length/head size?---

    I meant testosterone cream

  4. Is it safe to painfully pump? I have heard some say no and some say yes. Are there any common ways to hurt a trannydick, like a tranny version of cbt?

  5. What you have isn't a "penis," you stupid, FuckedUp, delusional DYKE!!! It is merely a CLITORIS that has been enlarged by that synthetic Testosterone you've been injecting all these years!!! A penis is something God and only God creates to transport sperm from a pair of testicles to a woman's uterus, regardless of size. Therefore, the Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby, George Alexander Louis, is more of a man today than you will EVER BE in your whole, fucking life!!! (And so is my youngest boy cousin, who has only ever peed in a diaper.) But that's just a scientific reality -- DEAL WITH IT, Bitch!!!

    "irisom," who has no delusions as to what HER body parts are and will always be!!!