Friday, April 30, 2010

Born in the Wrong Body?

Xavier (laidbaqq) did an amazingly honest, raw video about dysphoria and what it feels like to be "born in the wrong body," which is a sentiment many trans people can relate to.

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  1. I wasn't "born in the wrong body," as the famous cliche' goes -- I was born in the wrong SOCIETY, where men and only men are valued for the non-reproductive accomplishments in life. There isn't a damn thing wrong with my body, which functions EXACTLY the way God designed the female body to function, and I like my name, too. It's just society that has a problem with women who don't dress in a promiscuous, hyper-feminine way or pretend to have as much of a sexual appetite for men as they do for us. That couldn't be further from the truth, given how little Testosterone our ovaries produce (which makes us healthier, by the way) and how much, as you well know, that hormone contributes to the libido in both sexes. So I think that "wrong body" stuff is bullshit, and you won't ever hear me saying it again...not that I ever did.

    "irisom" whom you accused of being trans on 7-25-08